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Sweeney Todd's
Barber Shop and Sun Shower
    Newport. Barnstaple.
Brighten your day .....
at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop.
*   All ages welcome.
*   Special Rates OAPs.
*   No appointment needed.
*   Sun Shower sessions.
Nigel Farage Official Videos
   Nigel Farage
Exmoor Compost. Exmoor Pony Project.Exmoor Compost. Exmoor Pony Project.
We have a very well-matured supply of Exmoor Pony Poo Multi-Purpose Compost. Over the years we have been evolving some excellent compost, using Exmoor pony manure, which is now available for sale - and this is a fundraiser for the Exmoor Pony Project.
We have over 30 beautiful, endangered breed Exmoor ponies living in herds at our farm. The Exmoor Pony Project includes ponies from a variety of semi-feral moorland herds, as well as our own Herd 11 ponies, and they live naturally, migrating from pasture to barns as they wish. The manure they produce evolves into an excellent quality, gradually and naturally-matured compost. It is very well rotted down, friable and easy to handle and has received a big thumbs up from gardeners in the area.

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