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Sweeney Todd's
Barber Shop and Sun Shower
Newport. Barnstaple.
Brighten your day
at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop. All ages welcome. Special Rates OAPs. No appointment needed. Sun Shower sessions.
USB Memory Stick Player and Bluetooth Speaker controlsSonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player and Bluetooth Speaker Very Highly Recommended
The Sonic 2 is the ideal USB player for visually impaired users wanting to listen to Talking Newspapers and Talking Books or Music. The listener can easily navigate between multiple publications on one stick at the tap of a button. It is the ideal player for people who want to take their MP3 books or newspapers on their travels, or simply need a lightweight USB player in order to easily move from room to room without compromising on sound quality!
Designed specifically for Blind and Partially Sighted People
Best ever sound quality, Automatic Multi-Stick Bookmark Memory,
Ultra Portable, weighing only 292 grams and measuring only 6 inches in width
Rechargeable battery, Bespoke AC Charger included, Headphone Socket easily accessible
Navigate between Books on the same stick at the touch of a button. Plays MP3, WAV and Daisy
Frequently bought together
SanDisk 16 GB Cruzer Blade
USB Flash Drive,
Pack of 3

Price: £8.19
Video Guide to Using USB Memory Stick Player
USB Memory Stick Player and Bluetooth Speaker controls

Other Useful Information
(1) ThunderSoft Audiobook Converter for Windows
(2) Ripping Music from a CD as an MP3 using Windows Media Player
- Open Windows Media Player (WMP) and Insert Music CD
- Click on the Rip Tab on WMP and choose More Options - or Tools/Options
- In the Options window in the Rip Music tab under Rip Settings, choose MP3.
- Check the Track or Tracks of Audio you want to rip.
- Click again on the Rip Tab and choose Rip
- Windows Media Player will start ripping the chosen track(s)
- Done ripping.
Dawn Westcott
Exmoor Pony Whispering on ITV West News
Exmoor Pony Whispering on ITV West News

Dawn Westcott's Books - Wild Pony Whispering, Wild Stallion Whispering & Wild Herd Whispering
Highly Recommended. You can purchase signed copies of The Exmoor Pony Project books by visiting the BOOK SHOP.
Wild Pony Whispering is the compelling real-life story of Monsieur Chapeau, a wild, orphaned Exmoor pony foal found severely malnourished with pneumonia on the moors of Exmoor, and how he survived and thrived beyond all expectations - bringing with him the secrets of how to create a bond of trust and friendship with the wild Exmoor ponies. Horse whispering becomes pony whispering as a wild Exmoor pony connects with man to secure his survival - with the character, wisdom and generosity of heart to inspire better understanding of the equine mind. This story will appeal to those with a love of Exmoor and its flora and fauna and also provides an invaluable practical guide for people interested in 'connecting' with horses through trust-based liberty handling and socialisation - from the perspective of the enigmatic Exmoor ponies. Now Monsieur Chapeau reaches out from the moor and shows that there is more that must be done to ensure the successful preservation of the wild Exmoor ponies - and improve their welfare, wellbeing and opportunities - and the way they are handled and trained, in this superbly presented and richly illustrated book.The struggle to get Monsieur Chapeau recognised and registered as a true Moorland Exmoor highlights the plight of the free-living ponies of Exmoor National Park that threatens their very existence.
  Hardback 144 pages, 230 x 214mm, profusely illustrated in colour (photos). £14.99 + P&P. ISBN 978 0 85704 276 7
Devon and Cornwall Police Devon and Cornwall Police - Domestic abuse
Help and support - What is domestic abuse - Signs of domestic abuse - What if a friend or relative... - Reporting domestic abuse - Ten myths - Protecting yourself online - Domestic abuse & the law
The Women's aid website has some information on how to Cover your tracks online but as they warn, there is no way to completely cover your movements online so do not use a computer that you share with your abuser. The local library will have computers you can use or ask a friend to borrow theirs.

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