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The Brexit PartyThe Brexit Party
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What the Prime Minister isn't telling you about Brexit.
The Brexit Party Rally Nottingham
The Brexit Party Rally Birmingham
Annunziata Rees-Mogg
The Brexit Party Launch
Broken Promises Brexit
I can no longer stand by and watch this European farce unfolding, says ANN WIDDECOMBE
EU - The Hidden Local IssueEU - The Hidden Local Issue
This video aims to highlight a sample of just 8 local issues upon which the EU Parliament has usurped the control of central and local government in the UK - often to disastrous effect. Some appear scandalous, others farcical, but all illustrate that the EU is the hidden local issue
The Real Face Of The European UnionThe Real Face Of The European Union
In this shocking documentary featuring EU insiders and commentators, independent author Phillip Day covers the history and goals of the European Union, as well as the disturbing, irrevocable implications this new government has for every British citizen. Whether the viewer is for or against Britain's participation, this film asks the troubling questions the mainstream media has refused to confront.
Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop and Sun Shower Newport. Barnstaple.
    Brighten your day at Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop. All ages welcome. Special Rates OAPs. No appointment needed. Sun Shower sessions.
Hare To OrganiseHare To Organise
A Bespoke Professional Decluttering & Organising Service located In North Devon.
North Devon Gazette Feature "Mess equals stress" - the benefits of using a professional organiser
How your life, your family relationships and your mental wellbeing will benefit from having your home decluttered by a professional organiser
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