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A Stand In The Park. North Devon
  Rock Park. Barnstaple. (beside the flagpole).
* ALL STANDS IN THE PARK ARE 10-11am (until whenever you like!).
We Stand 10-11am every Sunday. Simple.
A Stand In The Park unites people in parks all over the World every Sunday, 10-11 am.
We 'Stand in the Park' to celebrate freedom, diversity, and fairness for all.

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* We are in a war pitched against humanity here & standing strong in our parks when things get tough is an act of unity and defiance in the face of tyranny.
The universal time means everyone knows when they can find a support system even if they have never have been to a Stand before.
This is imperative should the internet go down!
Changing the time for an individual groups' convenience means the Stand cannot grow! People are turning up at certain parks and nobody is there because an established group wants a lie-in or to fit the Stand around other things they deem more important. Make your choice! All Stands WORLDWIDE are 10-11am. Groups arranging their own times to suit themselves will be taken off the lists as it is misleading and very disheartening for new people expecting to meet their tribe at the advertised time & finding nobody.

Rock Park. Barnstaple Google Streetview
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The Light Paper
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