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Introduction -
      My name is Larry Lamprey and I have the pleasure of living in North Devon, England.
      Since connecting to the Internet, I have found, often by accident, many interesting and worthwhile web sites. Many of these are very informative and practical and it is my intention with North Devon UK to become one of these. I hope to link North Devon to North Devon, North Devon to the World, and the World to North Devon.
       The Internet has now become an easy means of communication all over the World, with a vast amount of information. This vast amount of information is there for all to see    . . . the problem is knowing where it is. If you want to know something about North Devon then hopefully you will find a link about it here. Throughout North Devon UK, you will find some interesting links, tips and information mainly about North Devon, but also links worldwide that I have found. I will constantly be adding to these as I find them, so if what you want is not here yet, look in again.
       I hope you find your visit to North Devon UK useful, interesting and fun.
 . . Can't you see I'm BUSY ? Go and HAVE FUN  Excuse me ! Come on in and have fun