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Dr. Michael Yeadon. Big Picture Interview Series.
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Very Highly Recommended that you watch ALL of this video

In this interview, Dr. Yeadon outlines his position on the pandemic, the vaccine, the issue of variants, boosters and the loss of our civil liberties.

Dr Mike Yeadon's Final Warning to Humanity
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In an interview posted online, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer for 16 years, Dr Mike Yeadon, gave a staunch warning to humanity that they must wake up before itís too late.
Dr Yeadon outlined that the government has been lying to the public throughout the entirety of the Covid pandemic and that itís up to the masses to stop them.
"Donít say you weren't warned because I've been warning people as long as I can and as hard as I can, that you can still right now take your normal society back and take it back tomorrow," Dr Yeadon said.
In the video, Dr Yeadon explained the Covid-19 restrictions that were introduced at the start of the pandemic (and continue to be used) don't work. For example, he explains how masks are incapable of preventing the spread of the alleged virus, and that lockdowns never slowed transmission.
Additionally, Dr Yeadon told viewers that they "donít need to be vaccinated by inadequately tested and somewhat dangerous gene-based, spike protein inducing proteins", and should instead ignore what corrupt scientists tell them to do.
The former Pfizer Vice President warned that if people donít wake up in the next few weeks, they will have lost the chance to take back freedoms and return to normal society as vaccine passports will be introduced.

Dr Mike Yeadon: "We're Lied To About Absolutely Everything"
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"Don't be afraid of the Covid 19 virus.
Be TERRIFIED of governments, TV and MSM."

Former CSO of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer, Dr Mike Yeadon, urges people not to be afraid of the virus. He also mentions effective drugs which would have helped a lot of people infected with the virus, but were suppressed. He explains that the PCR is useless for detecting covid, and accuses the scientific advisory group to the gov and ministers of mass murder. One of the major lies from gov is the assertion that you can pass on the virus without symptoms. And masks, he says, are only to frighten people. As someone who also studied toxicology, Yeadon was terrified when he learned that the so-called vaccine contains spike protein, which causes blood clots that can lead to death.

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Posted By The White Rose.uk on 12/03/2021