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Braunton Marshes History

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  Braunton Marshes History  

During the years 1809-1810 the lords of the respective manors consulted with other owners of grazing rights and it was agreed to enclose the area with sea defenses to gain permanent pasture. An act of parliament permitting enclosure received Royal assent in 1811. By 1815 the enclosure and drainage had been completed.
In 2017 nature began to claim it back.

In 2017 the Horsey Island sea wall was breached at the culvert allowing sea water in. Since then, this breach has grown considerably huge and Horsey Island is now flooded twice per day by each incoming tide. As a result the whole Horsey Island grassland has been replaced by mudflats. The remaining outer sea wall bank is rapidly being destroyed to the point that little will be left of it ... which will leave the inner defense bank very vulnerable to the same erosion by the sea. It is only common sense to see that it is only a question of a short time before the inner bank is also breached by the sea and then vaste areas south of Braunton will be flooded by sea water including Braunton Marshes and Braunton Great Field.

... Hence the very reason for this website to record how it was so magnificent for future generations.