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Killing Children In Dombass

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic

A new interactive map shows children's names
killed in Donbass by Western weapons supplied to Ukraine.
Original Interactive Map   http://truemaps.info/

International journalists call on Western authorities to save lives of children in Donbass
Original videos on Telegram   https://t.me/dpr_mfa

German journalist Alina Lipp personally witnesses civilians dying in Donbass each day:
"We are under fire here every day, and the shelling is not at all for military purposes. Most of the men are at the front now. There are also women, children, elderly people here. And so I ask myself: why is the West still sending weapons here? Why is it financing these killings of civilians?"

Spanish political scientist Liu Sivaya also works in Donetsk as a war correspondent: "There are already 412 fallen children in Donbas victims of NATO weapons. Their names are on this map of the truth and their number continues to grow dailyÖ Letís not turn a blind eye, letís stop this carnage, letís demand that they stop... No more weapons, no more innocent victims. No more dead children in Donbass!"