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Why aren’t the CDC, FDA, NIH, medical centers, and coroners scrambling to use basic tests to find out whether the shots are killing people?

"In the video interview above with Steve Kirsch, Ryan Cole MD reports almost no pathologists in the world are distinguishing, at autopsy, between Covid viral infection and Covid vaccines as a proximate cause of death.

This distinction is easily made by testing affected organs - such as the heart, brain, liver, or blood vessels - for presence of:
1) Covid viral spike (S) protein, present both in infection and after vaccination;
2) Covid viral nucleocapsid (N) or other viral proteins such as membrane (M) or envelope (E), present only in infection.

If spike but not nucleocapsid is present in a damaged vital organ, it indicates the Covid vaccine is likely to have played a causal role in death, assuming other basic pathologic criteria are also met…"