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If You've Been Feeling Unwell Since Your Covid-19 Vaccine, You're Not Alone.
We encourage you to download this high-quality PDF to put up around your neighborhood as a flyer.
Many people are experiencing unexplained symptoms that include:
Vision and hearing problems
Period problems, heavy bleeding
Heart attacks, chest pain, arrhythmias, palpitations
Blood clots and blood pressure issues
Movement and postural difficulties
Swelling, skin rashes and bruising
Fatigue and fibromyalgia
Joint and muscle pain
Muscle twitching, spasms, tremors and shaking
Numbness, paraesthesia, paralysis
Arthritis and autoimmune diseases
Stomach issues and weight loss
If you suspect vaccine injury, ask your doctor to do a full blood count, cardiac panel and a D-dimer test.

No one need suffer in silence - there is support available:

RealNotRare.com │ Resource of real experiences and support groups for the Covid-19 vaccine injured.
React19.org │ Financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long-term Covid-19 vaccine adverse events globally.
UKCVFamily.org │ UK-based community for those injured by the Covid-19 vaccines.
Resources from World Council for Health:
Spike Protein Detox Guide The latest emerging information on how doctors are clearing viral and vaccine-induced spike proteins from the body.
A Practical Approach to Keeping Healthy After Your Covid-19 Jab What you need to know about the types of illnesses associated with the Covid-19 jab and how doctors are managing them.

Download and share this PDF....
Questions You Might Be Asking About Covid.

Why does the government want to inject you against a virus that independent experts say is no more dangerous than the flu?

Why are the drug companies now saying the vaccines won’t help with catching, passing on, surviving or recovering from covid? What’s the point of taking them?

Why have an estimated 20 million people died worldwide after receiving the jabs, many of them children?

Why, according to official figures, are nine out of ten covid patients entering hospital fully vaccinated? Weren’t we told that the unvaccinated would be hit the hardest?

Why have so many jabbed women become infertile, and why has the likelihood of miscarriage risen from 11% to sometimes as high as 90%?

Why is none of this being reported by mainstream media—in particular the BBC? In short, what is going on?

You may by now have guessed that the driving force behind all this is not exactly friendly.
Indeed, massive resistance has been building across the world since 2020.
Many people have already discovered what’s going on and hopefully, this will encourage you to start your own investigations.

Sometimes it’s worth asking the important questions.

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