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The World is really waking up now ..... Are You ?
UK Column News streamed live 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is available on demand soon afterwards.
You've seen western TV and MSM
NOW see the TRUTH

How to watch RT News on Telegram » Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app. »  TELEGRAM  Download Telegram for your device ( FAQ ) » Watch RT News in Telegram (or Preview Channel).
Probes launched into 75 foreign 'mercenaries' in Ukraine - Russia        UK to announce new Ukraine aid package of £300 million        Liz Truss's militant rhetoric is dangerously delusional        Here's what I found at the reported 'mass grave' near Mariupol        Putin promises 'lightning' response to strategic threats to Russia        Major batch of Western-supplied arms in Ukraine destroyed - Russia        UK support for attacks on Russian soil triggers response        Russia says it destroyed weapons delivered by US and EU to Ukraine        'EU−supplied' S-300 launchers obliterated − Russia        Why Russia's intervention in Ukraine is legal under international law        UK's Johnson in new weapons pledge        Russia accuses OSCE of 'spying' for Ukraine        Russia publishes data on foreign mercenaries in Ukraine        NATO Ukraine arms convoys legitimate targets − Russia        Russia claims mass surrender of Ukrainian marines        Highest cost of living predicted in the UK in nearly 70 years        Top Neo−Nazi commander killed in Ukraine − Russia
Stop World Control. What nobody told you about Ukraine - Mindblowing!
Shocking evidence of how the media worldwide is lying to humanity about what is really going on with Ukraine and Russia. A must see!
What a pleasure to meet awake people at a Stand In The Park. Such friendly and open conversation. Lots of people of all ages and backgrounds are visiting a local group and finding that they are not alone in being awake even though their family and friends are steadfastly asleep in believing the totalitarian lies and deceit. A lot are alone when they come but leave stronger and more happy that they have found new friends with whom they can talk freely to confirm that being awake is not so unusual.
join Stand In The Park
       SITP is now on Gettr
ALL UK & Ireland Groups
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join North Devon Group website
by flagpole Rock Park. Barnstaple.
10am until whenever
The Light Paper
The Light Paper

The Only Paper
Telling The Truth
The Devon Insight

Nursing Home Residents Were Given Deadly Euthanasia Cocktails
Don't Vote for Conservatives if You Don't Support Net Zero
Grand Jury Trial - Covid Vaccine Crimes Against Humanity - Nuremberg 2.0.
The White Rose UK    A peaceful resistance group based in the UK.
Freedom Convoy 2022 - Final Press Release
Vaccination Is Big Business
Modern Christian Persecution: EU Wants to Ban Christian Terms Such as Christmas, Joseph, Mary
John O'Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life From UK Hospital Dr. Sam Dube recounts the heroic rescue story of whistle blower John O'Looney from a hospital in the UK that refused to let him out.
Funeral Director John O'Looney: 'Under All Circumstances, Try to Avoid Going to Hospital'.

UK Pleads To Indict Russians In the Hague

  The Testimonies Project - the movie
  'Vaccine' Murder Charges
Accepted by Prosecutors
  Cops for Covid Truth
  Vaccinated collapsing a few 100 yards from vaccination centre
  Unvaccinated Are at Risk
From the Vaccinated
  Girls With
Common Sense
The Daily Expose
Category: Did You Know?
Murder in the Care Home - The pandemic response 4 years in the planning
Midazolam was used to end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 & an NHS document proves Staff were ordered to do it
Whitty ordered lethal doses
Surprise, Surprise - MP's and Scientific Advisors are heavily invested in Vaccine Industry
Leave our Kids alone - 27th update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines released
How many more children need to die?
Whitty approves Covid-19 vaccine to kids
Evidence C-19 Vaccines Are Killing Children
  BBC News Report conditioning the public
  Safe & Effective? Lies. Lies. Lies.
Dr Vernon Coleman.
More Evidence 'They' Want You Dead
More Evil from Big Pharma
You'll be Drinking Granny Soon!
How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed.
Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite.
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Parents' Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids   website
This guide features what children do online, the threat of online strangers and how to ensure a healthy balance between Internet use, your children's online privacy, digital security and more on online safety to mention.

1st Call Computers   website
North Devon's first port of call for all your computer requirements.

All Coast Media - Devon web site design   website
Web design company based near Great Torrington in North Devon, creating websites for sole traders, small businesses and always providing a great customer support service

BBC - WebWise   website
Discover media and technology on BBC WebWise. Find out how to develop the essential online skills to make the most of your mobile, tablet, computer or interactive television.

Cheltenham Computer Training   website
Computer courseware training materials . Courseware books & manuals for tutor-led, classroom based IT training courses: Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7 For schools, colleges, universities & TAFE

Common Ground Graphics   website
Web development in North Devon

Complete Computing SW   website
A Devon based business which endeavours to deal with all your computer and internet needs.

Convallis Software Ltd   website
Bespoke Software Development

Currys   website   website
Download over 5000 pages of computer training/courseware & quick references.

Effective Web Site Design   website
Offering professional web site design services for both small and large businesses, individuals and organisations.
Award winning website designs have a proven track record, ranking high in the search engines and attracting new business leads. If you are looking for a small business website design to be created for your company, one that can display your products or services to your current customers and thousands of potential new customers, a small business website design that looks good, proves easy to navigate and that proves to be above all - effective. Then consider Effective Webs

Figure W   website
Drupal, WordPress, Facebook specialists, delivering new media sites particularly for PR, marketing and web design agencies.

HBH-Woolacotts in Cornwall and Devon   website
HBH-Woolacotts in Barnstaple   website
HBH-Woolacotts in Holsworthy   website
For all the latest I.T. and Computing products from 11" screen netbooks to full desktop computers including all-in-one touch screen monitors for the perfect home office solution, as well as a full range of laptop computers with various specifications

Ink cartridges UK   website
Buy inkjet printer cartridges - We deliver anywhere

Kate Price   website
Websites designed for business - clear, concise and easy to use. Also photography for websites.

Key Skills   website
Computer and Internet services for homes and businesses throughout North Devon

Lineal Software Solutions Ltd   website
Lineal are a trusted provider of IT support, systems & software for Apple & Windows. IT company based in Barnstaple

Mark Gunn Web Design   website
Freelance web designer based in Tiverton

North Devon IT Services   website
Computer repair, Internet and email setup, system troubleshooting in Barnstaple, Bideford and Torrington   website
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PCWorld UK   website

Reality Creations   website
creating what you need to make it real...

Refresh Cartridges   website
Devon based supplier offering nationwide delivery of low cost inkjet cartridges

RK Computing   website
Computer Repair and Support in North Devon

Serif   website
Software with Imagination
FREE Serif Software  

Shamwick Software   website
Provides both web design and hosting capabilities for small to medium sized businesses in and around the north devon area.

Snafu   website
Creative design for print and web.

Sorce   website
A UK intranet software supplier. We deliver intranet solutions that support employee engagement and streamline business processes.

Steve Sims Wordpress Website Designer   website
Freelance website designer, specialising in building Wordpress websites.

TGtraining   website
A one-stop solution for your computer training and maintenance needs.

The Websitemen   website
The Websitemen specialise in all forms of web design, web development and software solutions.

Westward Pathfinder   website
Training and support for the future.

Winklet Web Design   website
Offers affordable desktop and mobile-friendly website templates as well as custom website solutions.

ZDNet   website
News coverage and analysis on the trends, technologies and opportunities that matter to IT professionals and decision makers.