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The World is really waking up now ..... Are You ?
UK Column News streamed live 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is available on demand soon afterwards.
You've seen western TV and MSM
NOW see the TRUTH

How to watch RT News on Telegram » Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app. »  TELEGRAM  Download Telegram for your device ( FAQ ) » Watch RT News in Telegram (or Preview Channel).
Probes launched into 75 foreign 'mercenaries' in Ukraine - Russia        UK to announce new Ukraine aid package of £300 million        Liz Truss's militant rhetoric is dangerously delusional        Here's what I found at the reported 'mass grave' near Mariupol        Putin promises 'lightning' response to strategic threats to Russia        Major batch of Western-supplied arms in Ukraine destroyed - Russia        UK support for attacks on Russian soil triggers response        Russia says it destroyed weapons delivered by US and EU to Ukraine        'EU−supplied' S-300 launchers obliterated − Russia        Why Russia's intervention in Ukraine is legal under international law        UK's Johnson in new weapons pledge        Russia accuses OSCE of 'spying' for Ukraine        Russia publishes data on foreign mercenaries in Ukraine        NATO Ukraine arms convoys legitimate targets − Russia        Russia claims mass surrender of Ukrainian marines        Highest cost of living predicted in the UK in nearly 70 years        Top Neo−Nazi commander killed in Ukraine − Russia
Stop World Control. What nobody told you about Ukraine - Mindblowing!
Shocking evidence of how the media worldwide is lying to humanity about what is really going on with Ukraine and Russia. A must see!
What a pleasure to meet awake people at a Stand In The Park. Such friendly and open conversation. Lots of people of all ages and backgrounds are visiting a local group and finding that they are not alone in being awake even though their family and friends are steadfastly asleep in believing the totalitarian lies and deceit. A lot are alone when they come but leave stronger and more happy that they have found new friends with whom they can talk freely to confirm that being awake is not so unusual.
join Stand In The Park
       SITP is now on Gettr
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join North Devon Group website
by flagpole Rock Park. Barnstaple.
10am until whenever
The Light Paper
The Light Paper

The Only Paper
Telling The Truth
The Devon Insight

Nursing Home Residents Were Given Deadly Euthanasia Cocktails
Don't Vote for Conservatives if You Don't Support Net Zero
Grand Jury Trial - Covid Vaccine Crimes Against Humanity - Nuremberg 2.0.
The White Rose UK    A peaceful resistance group based in the UK.
Freedom Convoy 2022 - Final Press Release
Vaccination Is Big Business
Modern Christian Persecution: EU Wants to Ban Christian Terms Such as Christmas, Joseph, Mary
John O'Looney Narrowly Escapes With His Life From UK Hospital Dr. Sam Dube recounts the heroic rescue story of whistle blower John O'Looney from a hospital in the UK that refused to let him out.
Funeral Director John O'Looney: 'Under All Circumstances, Try to Avoid Going to Hospital'.

UK Pleads To Indict Russians In the Hague

  The Testimonies Project - the movie
  'Vaccine' Murder Charges
Accepted by Prosecutors
  Cops for Covid Truth
  Vaccinated collapsing a few 100 yards from vaccination centre
  Unvaccinated Are at Risk
From the Vaccinated
  Girls With
Common Sense
The Daily Expose
Category: Did You Know?
Murder in the Care Home - The pandemic response 4 years in the planning
Midazolam was used to end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 & an NHS document proves Staff were ordered to do it
Whitty ordered lethal doses
Surprise, Surprise - MP's and Scientific Advisors are heavily invested in Vaccine Industry
Leave our Kids alone - 27th update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines released
How many more children need to die?
Whitty approves Covid-19 vaccine to kids
Evidence C-19 Vaccines Are Killing Children
  BBC News Report conditioning the public
  Safe & Effective? Lies. Lies. Lies.
Dr Vernon Coleman.
More Evidence 'They' Want You Dead
More Evil from Big Pharma
You'll be Drinking Granny Soon!
How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed.
Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite.


Red Cross free first aid app   website
for Apple, Android and Blackberry.
Red Cross free first aid app Red Cross free first aid app
If a friend or family member was having a heart attack or was choking, would you know how to help them?
Our free app features simple, easy advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies, from severe winter weather to road traffic accidents. The information you need is all hosted on the app itself, meaning no internet connection is needed.
Red Cross free first aid app Download the app
Visit the Windows Store, the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Share the app
By sharing this app, you can help save lives.
Show it off to all your friends and family and get them to download it too.
British Red Cross First Aid   website
British Red Cross First Aid
British Red Cross - Baby and Child First Aid   website
a simple and easy way to learn basic first aid skills to help keep children and babies safe.

British Red Cross - Everyday First Aid   website
a simplified and easy way to learn basic first aid skills.
Everyday First Aid online enables you to learn basic first aid skills at your own pace and in a variety of ways. It features real people in real-life scenarios and allows you to learn skills through watching videos and through written text, with additional information in our question-and-answer section. Some scenarios also have supporting animations to help you understand the reasons why the first aid works. By making first aid skills simpler and easier to learn, we hope people will be more confident and willing to use their first aid skills in an emergency. Many people think someone else will help or know what to do. In fact the more people there are at the scene of an accident, the less likely the person is to get the help they need.
It is also important to remember that you're more likely to give first aid to a member of your family or a friend than a stranger.
Everyday First Aid is easy to learn and easy to remember and makes first aid really easy to do.
First aid should be an everyday life skill, so let's make first aid second nature.
Have a look. You may need to help someone that you love!
Everyday First Aid   website
Bleeding heavily   website
Heart attack   website
Allergies/ anaphalaxis   website
Unconscious and breathing   website
Unconscious and not breathing   website
No first aid kit? No problem!   website
About Everyday First Aid   website
Head injury   website
Stroke   website
Broken bone   website
Choking   website
Burns   website
Seizures/epilepsy   website
Diabetes   website
Asthma attack   website
Poisoning   website
Distress   website
Strains and sprains   website
Hypothermia   website
Meningitis   website
Test your skills   website
Fast first aid tips   website
St John Ambulance   website

First aid and health and safety training courses   website
Download our first aid, health and safety and fire training brochures   website

Northern Devon Healthcare   website
Northern Devon Healthcare

North Devon District Hospital   website
Community Hospitals and services   website
......Barnstaple Health Centre   website
......Bideford Community Hospital   website
......Holsworthy Community Hospitall   website
......Ilfracombe Tyrrell Hospital   website
......Lynton Resource Centre   website
......South Molton Hospital   website
......Torrington Hospital   website

North Devon District Hospital
Maternity Unit YouTube tour  

YouTube tour Part 1  

YouTube tour Part 2  

YouTube tour Part 3  

Our Services
Our Services A to Z
NHS 111 service
Choose well
North Devon District Hospital
Community Hospitals and services
What to do if you are ill or injured
Minor Injury Units (MIUs)
Walk in Centres
NHS Choices - Find & choose services

Patient Information
Patient Information
Patient Information Leaflets
HANDi Paediatric app
Tell Us About Your Medicines
Safeguarding adults
Information Centre
Infection Prevention and Control
Giving your consent
Access to Healthcare Records
Accessibility information for patients
Healthcare Entitlement for Non-EEA Nationals
Anti-Bribery Statement

Patient Information Videos   website

Minor Injury Units (MIUs)   website
Minor Injuries Units (MIUs) provide treatment for less serious injuries, such as sprains, cuts and grazes.
Please ring up before you turn up.

NHS Dental Services Explained
Audiology Service at North Devon District Hospital
Paediatrics (Children's Services)
Outpatients Department at North Devon District Hospital
What to do if you are ill or injured
Accident and Emergency Service at the North Devon District Hospital
South Western Ambulance Service NHS

Tarka Radio   website
The hospital radio for patients.
The North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple
has its very own radio station, Tarka Radio.
North Devon Hospice   website
Provides free care and support to patients and their families who are faced with the impact of a life-limiting illness.

Children's Hospice South West   website
Hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family across the South West.

Devon Air Ambulance   website
Real people saving real lives.

The Complete Chiropractic Centre
Litchdon Street, Barnstaple  
Website is full of information about what The Complete Chiropractic Centre can offer you, from specialist Chiropractic manipulation, to the detection of osteoporosis using our state of the art Bone Density Scanner, as well as our 13 week spinal rehabilitation programme in our specialist on site gym. Other services - Chiropody and Podiatry. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Medical Herbalist. Sports and Remedial Massage. Nutritional Consultation

FHE Health. Medical Detox Program.   website
Whether you've become addicted to prescription medications, street drugs, alcohol or a combination of substances, medically supervised detox is a specialized inpatient program that is designed to help you through the physical withdrawal process. Our team of licensed, experienced detox experts provide 24/7 care that includes a comprehensive medical assessment and ongoing management of your withdrawal symptoms in a safe, comfortable environment.
Don't let fears over the detox process keep you from taking control of your life. Getting clean and sober is a critical step in your long-term recovery journey, and we're here to provide you with the support, guidance and expert medical care you need to detox safely.
The Prevention Coalition   website
PreventionCoalition is an informational site designed to educate parents, teachers and concerned community members about teen drug use and ways to prevent it.
The Bluffs, Sherrodsville, Ohio, USA   website
An organization focused on drug and alcohol recovery.
Impact of Addiction on Families   website
Preventing Teen Substance Use website
Co-Occurring Disorders website
Drug Rehab Connections   website
Drug Rehab Connections is not a specific treatment facility, but instead are an informational website that connects addicts and their families with the help they need to put their lives together. Our goal is to help these individuals and loved ones by providing them with information and support on different addictions and recovery resources available to them. We are not a treatment center, nor do we refer our audience to centers. Our website is here to provide information and support only!
Sober Partners.   website
Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Newport Beach, Orange County CA.
The Relationship Between Social Media and Substance Use.
At our rehab center in Newport Beach CA, we provide a comprehensive list of recovery services. Our staff has a passion for working with people who are new to recovery. Whether a client needs a quick Detox or a long-term addiction treatment program including several months in a Residential Rehab Facility, Sober Coaching, and Aftercare, Sober Partners has got you covered.   website

The Help Company connects patients with providers who care. Our core values are transparency, community and neutrality. We are committed to visibility of all providers, no matter their size.
National Provider Network
With a national provider network that consists of 5,000+ providers we have made connecting to care easier than ever. More than 3,200+ patient-provider connections are made every week at
3 Fat Chicks on a Diet   website

action ASTHMA   website
Comprehensive online asthma site will educate you and your family on all aspects of asthma

Aromatherapy Collection by Quinessence   website
Aromatherapy Collection by Quinessence - the most comprehensive site for on-line shopping for quality aromatherapy products including analytically tested organic pure essential oils, carrier oils, skincare, bodycare, haircare, base creams,massage oils and accessories

Arthritis Care   website
Arthritis is the most common cause of long-standing illness in the UK

Barnstaple Chiropractic Clinic   website
Our experienced and highly qualified chiropractors offer personalised chiropractic treatment to help you achieve full relief from aches, pains and injuries, and importantly, help promote long term good posture, health and wellbeing.

Bear Street Pharmacy Barnstaple Facebook   website
stock a large range of Homeopathic Remedies, which treats thousands of different ailments. We do Tablets in a choice of Hard, Soft or Pillules. We can make up Creams, Mother Tincture, Eye Wash/Drops.

Body and Mind Shop   website
The Body and Mind Shop specialises in the manufacture and sourcing of organic alternative health products including natural health supplements and herbal remedies providing a natural alternative to drugs and surgical procedures.

Body and Mind Zone   website
Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage, Oriental Face Massage, Holistic Facials, Japanese Hand Massage, Ear Candling, and Metamorphic Technique.

Boots   website
Boots services - Pharmacy. Photo processing. Opticians. Boots Hearing Care. Insurance. Boots for business

Boots Opticians   website
Whether you need an eye test or want to pick up some new glasses or contact lenses, Boots Opticians is the place to go. With more than 600 branches across the UK, you're sure to find one close to you.

Caen Medical Centre Braunton   website

Cerebra Foundation for the brain injured child   website
The Foundation's unique Information Unit provides specialist information to anyone concerned with brain injury.

Condoms, Durex, Mates and many more   website
Low price Durex, Mates and other top brand condoms posted in discreet plain wrapper to UK, Europe and worldwide

Co-operative Funeralcare Funeral Plans   website
Wide choice of Funeral Plans and payment options.

Devon Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Kai   website
Authentic Wado-Ryu Karate-Do

E & L Insurance   website
Insure all the following
Caravans, Buildings and Contents, Weddings, Dogs and Cats, Medical Equipment, Leisure Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Horses, Student Possessions

Earplug Shop   website
The Earplug Shop is the premier supplier of earplugs and ear care products in the UK, specializing in reusable earplugs, travel earplugs and music earplugs. The Earplug Shop offers the widest selection of earplugs from leading suppliers including Alpine, Heartech, Macks and Moldex

Eyesright UK Ltd. Your caring internet opticians.   website
With eyesright buying prescription glasses on line is easy. Eyesright offer the top quality product the best customer service and support at the cheapest price. We specialise in all the best lenses and frames.

First Aid & Manual Handling Training   website
First aid at work & appointed persons training carried out by qualified instructor with health & safety approval

Fremington Medical Centre   website

Fresh Breath Online   website
How do you know if you have bad breath ? . . .

Funeralbooker   website
Find, compare and contact your local funeral director, and see accurate pricing on Funeralbooker

Get Into Martial Arts   website
Martial Arts Directory
Find a Martial Arts Class In Your Area & Try It For FREE!

Glow Baby   website
Maternity wear at its very best, modern, stylish maternity wear at the best possible price.

Harris Fitness Consultancy   website
Personal training, Physiotherapy, Massage

Holistic Bodyworks   website
Bowen, Massage and Reflexology and more!

Holland and Barrett   website
Vitamins, Minerals, Food Supplements. Health Notes contains quality information about natural, complimentary and alternative medicine.

Honiton Hearing Centre   website
Independant family business supplying hearing tests,aids, and protection.

Hypnotherapy Directory   website
This website is a support network of UK hypnotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of hypnotherapy, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use.

Litchdon Medical Centre   website
Landkey Road, Barnstaple

Macmillan - Information and Support   website
If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you're not alone. Find out what to expect, get information, practical advice and support, hear from experts and read about other people's experiences.

Meadows Aromatherapy   website
We offer one of the largest ranges of essential oils in the world with quality products and customer care as our top priorities

Medic8   website
Medical portal for UK health professionals

Medical Herbalist and Reflexologist   website
Medical Herbalist and Reflexologist practising in North Devon and West Somerset

Multiple Sclerosis Society North Devon   website
Helping those who have Multiple Sclerosis in the North Devon Area

New Life Hypnotherapy   website
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Nina Blackaller Aromatherapy   website
Mobile aromatherapist

North Devon Natural Health   website
North Devon Natural Health provides information on natural health and complementary therapies, including a directory of practitioners and therapists in the North Devon area.

North Devon Relationship Counselling Service   website
Counselling will not tell you what to do but will support you to explore your situation and choices and empower you to find the best way forward.
Counselling is completely confidential.

North Devon Yoga Centre   website
Yoga for everyone, come and enjoy the heart of yoga with us. Classes for every level and every age. Experienced teachers, friendly classes.   website
The leading source of nursing jobs and nurse continuing education with over 13,500 nurse jobs and over 550 nurse CEs available at Our magazines, NurseWeek & Nursing Spectrum, our nursing websites, our local and national nursing news, nursing events, and other innovative nurse products reach more nurses, more ways, more often. We enrich the professional lives of nurses and celebrate their unique contributions to society.

Quit Smoking. Don't Give Up Giving Up   website

Sharon Reed  website
Sports Massage & Myofascial release in Tiverton, Exeter & Barnstaple

Specialist Info Directory   website
An excellent website directory providing details of Medical Consultants special interests, locations and contact details

Specsavers   website
Find your nearest Specsavers Opticians with this complete list of stores.

Tarka Fitness   website
Health and Fitness/Personal Trainer

The Body Shop UK & Ireland   website
Provides a total, all encompassing showering, bathing and body regime providing top to toe solutions for all over body care.

The Prevention Coalition   website
Prevention Coalition is an informational site designed to educate parents, teachers and concerned community members about teen drug use and ways to prevent it.

Time for Life   website
Community Mentoring Service for the over 50s in Devon
Community mentoring is a free service for people aged 50 or over who are living in Devon and who feel they have had some kind of a down turn in their lives, perhaps because of bereavement, disability or illness either themselves or sometimes because of caring responsibilities for someone in their family. Our aim is to help you choose, find and enjoy activities and social opportunities to re-build confidence and enjoyment of life.
In addition to the help provided by Enablers working one-to-one with individuals, Time for Life also works in the community by helping to establish new social groups or help can be given to provide support to existing groups and creating activities wherever there is a perceived need.
Time for Life Community Activities website

Violet Flame Centre   website
Natural Health Care. Barnstaple
Offers a very wide range of complementary health treatment to suit all your needs.

Web MD   website
       BootsWebMD website
The BootsWebMD website brings you UK specific, GP reviewed health information. We provide credible information and in-depth reference material about health subjects that matter to you.

Your Safety Advisor Ltd - Construction Safety Consultants   website
Construction Health and Safety Advisors
Your Safety Advisor Ltd the UK based straight talking Construction Safety Specialists helping small and medium sized contractors to comply with their health and safety responsibilities. We can help you with your Health and Safety Policy, RAMS, SSIP Accreditation, Method Statements, Health and Safety Training or just provide you with competent helpful Health and Safety Advice.