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The World is really waking up now ..... Are YOU?

♦♦♦♦♦Dr Mike Yeadon's Final Warning to Humanity
  Probably the most important videos that you will watch in your lifetime !
The White Rose UK    A peaceful resistance group based in the UK.
The White Rose UK - Events    About The White Rose UK.
♦♦♦♦♦Dr Yeadon's Powerful Interview On the Awakening World Truth Summit Show
♦♦♦♦♦It's High Time To Ditch the Smartphone!   also   ♦♦♦♦♦How China Tracks Everyone
♦♦♦♦♦Mass Murder in Care Homes Was Four Years in the Planning
Healthy 13-Year-old Dies in Sleep After Covid Jab
WHO Whistleblower: Depopulation, Total Control, Perpetual Fear And Injections
Dr Reiner Fuellmich: "This Is the Worst Crime Against Humanity Ever"
Dr Peter McCullough: "We Have To Stop This!"
Dr Mike Yeadon: "We were Lied To About Absolutely Everything"
Dr Reiner Fuellmich: "What Is Happening Now Is Worse Than What the Nazis Did"
Dr Reiner Fuellmich Interviewing Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor.
Spanish Researchers Declare: Covid-19 Is Caused by Graphene Oxide
82% of Pregnant Vaccinated Women Have Miscarriage Within First 20 Weeks
The Connection Between Satanic Child Abuse and the Covid Agenda
Daily Mail Reporter and Whistle Blower Sally Beck Speaks About the Vax Injury Cover-Up
Interview With Journalist Whitney Webb - Who and What Is Behind the Push for the Covid Jab?
Postmortem Study of Patient Vaccinated Against Covid: Viral RNA Found in Every Organ of the Body
Stop wearing a Mask: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good
Ausschwitz Survivor: 'Do Not Be Indifferent'
Poster: Explanation Why Spike Protein In the "Vaccines" Can Kill
Swedish Physicians for Covid Facts - Press Conference June 2021
Does Anyone Still Believe In the Covid Jab? They Should Watch This!
Covid Jab: What Is Informed Consent? A Checklist from the Freedom Alliance. Please Share!
The COVID-19 Genocide of 2020 (pdf)
Experts Warn: 'Please, Do Not Take This Vaccine!'
Death Toll From Covid Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In the Last 20 Years Combined
Evidence in Government and Official Data - Children Should Not Be Given the Covid Vaccines
More than 10,000 Europeans dead and 400,000 seriously injured after Covid jab, the European Medicines Agency has reported.
Covid Jab: Mass Genocide Against Humanity
Resistance in Italy - the WHO Must be Removed
BBC Presenter Lisa Shaw, 44, Dies After AstraZeneca Covid Jab
Is This What's Driving Boris Johnson and Members of the World Economic Forum?
The Daily Expose   The Daily Expose is run by extremely ordinary, hardworking people who are sick and tired of the fear-mongering, lies and propaganda perpetuated by the mainstream media. We felt it was our duty to bring you the facts that the mainstream refuse to, and now here we are.
♦♦♦♦♦Murder in the Care Home - The pandemic response 4 years in the planning
Category: Did You Know?   a FEW shown below ....
UK Government Quietly Voted In Favour of Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccines for Care Home Workers Behind Your Back
Doctor Warns That Covid-19 Vaccine Will "Kill Most People" Through Heart Failure - 62% of Vaccinated Already Have Microscopic Blood Clots
FACT - Deaths due to the Covid Vaccines in the UK after 6 months are 407% higher than deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in the past 11 years
Fully vaccinated people have a 885% higher chance of death due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to official data
Official Government data shows a 5400% increase in number of women who've lost their baby as a result of having the Covid-19 Vaccine
Undeniable links between the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine & the British Eugenics Society
Common Purpose - The deeply sinister organisation with thousands of operatives in positions of power and influence in the UK
Dr Vernon Coleman.
These Ten Things Will Happen Next as the Conspirators Tighten the Screw
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
UPDATED - How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
Proof the Covid-19 Jabs Should be Stopped Now
Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed.
Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite.
UK ColumnUK Column homepage
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Beautiful Devon. Cycling in Devon.   website

Beds For Cyclists   website
Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route Information and Accommodation

Bike Shed   website
Bike Shed is a chain of bicycle shops based in Exeter, Barnstaple and Crediton in Devon.
Bike Shed Barnstaple   website

Croyde Cycle   website
Maps and information for cycling in North Devon

Cycle Route - Devon   website
Looking for a new Cycle route, bike ride, or single track, somewhere you haven't been before perhaps? Or if you are planning a Cycling holiday, but don't know where is the best place to Cycle, then you have come to the right place.

Devon County Council. Cycling   website
Cycling is a fun, free and fast way to travel from A to B. With miles of traffic-free trails across our beautiful county, you?re bound to find a suitable route near you.
We're here to help you get started with advice on:
Finding a cycle route in your local town
Taking a trip on one of our traffic-free cycle trails
Boosting your cycle confidence with our cycle training courses
Cycling to work and cycling to school
Top tips for safe cycling
The park and cycle scheme in Exeter.

Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route   website
The Devon Coast to Coast Cycle Route is a 99 mile / 158 Km waymarked route from Ilfracombe in North Devon to Plymouth in South Devon

Devon Cyclists Touring Club   website
     Cyclists Touring Club North Devon   website
     Cyclists Touring Club Exeter   website
     Cyclists Touring Club Plymouth   website
     Cyclists Touring Club South Dartmoor   website
     Cyclists Touring Club Torbay   website

GPS Cycle and Walking Routes
Devon Cycle Routes  
view full routes information including descriptions, elevation profiles, interactive maps and GPS downloads.

Halfords   website
UKs largest Bicycle Shop - Halfords offer Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and Kids Bikes. We Build for free in store.

Hole Station Campsite, Highampton   website
Adult Only Woodland Campsite, woodland camping with camp fires permitted. Hole Station campsite welcomes cyclists, we are just off R27 and R3. The Tarka Trail and the Granite Way are nearby, and there are many quiet country lanes surrounding us. For the 2016 season we open on Friday 25 March and close on Sunday 2 October.

Keypitts Farm. Ilfracombe   website
Devon MTB - North Devons premier MTB location for all ages, abilities and all groups from schools, to bike clubs, all size groups are welcome, families or single riders.

Ocean Backpackers Hostel Ilfracombe   website
At Ocean Backpackers cyclists are very welcome! Included in our facilities is a large secure storage basement for multiple bikes with a drying room for wet weather gear, not to mention a cosy bed and a hot shower after a hard days cycling. Facilities include a self-catering kitchen, dining area, communal lounge with t.v, free internet/wi-fi, a large storage basement, patio area and free car-park.

WildBike Mountain Bike Holidays   website
UK Mountain Biking Holidays. Unique fully guided & supported mountain bike holidays in Devon, the Lake District & Scotland with luxury base camp.


Tarka Trail Guide  website

Everything about the Tarka Trail.
The Tarka Trail in its entirety is a 290km figure '8' shaped long-distance route centered roughly on the town of Barnstaple in North Devon. It encompasses roads, footpaths, bridleways and cycleways. Our guide book focusses on the shared-use section between Braunton and Meeth; a completely car-free route for use by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.
This informative walking and cycling guide book is divided into 6, easy to use sections, each with its own detailed map. Our book is packed with helpful details such as the Trail's surface conditions, nearby parking facilities, local cycle hire businesses, bridleways, public toilets, great cafes and restaurants and accessibility information for less able users.
The 6 sections are:
Braunton to Barnstaple
Barnstaple to Fremington
Fremington to Instow
Instow to Bideford
Bideford to Torrington
Torrington to Meeth
Each section of the guide book has its own detailed map so you won't miss a thing. Whether cycling , walking or exploring, it really is a great day out for all the family.

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Devon Coast to Coast   website
Tarka Trail   website

Tarka Trail Cycle Hire   website
The Railway Station, Barnstaple

BikeTrail Cycle Hire   website
Fremington Quay, Fremington.

Bideford Bicycle Hire   website
Hire or Buy a bicycle, surf board or kayak

Fremington Quay Cafe   website
Fremington Quay, Fremington.

Torrington Cycle Hire   website
beside old Railway Station at Great Torrington.

North Devon Wheelers - Southfork Cycling Club   website
Promoting cycling participation and cycle competitions in North Devon
Southfork Racing   website

Taw Velo Cycling Club   website
Taw Velo Cycling Club is an independent cycling club based in Barnstaple, North Devon, to promote and encourage all aspects of cycling. No one aspect of cycling is promoted at the expense of any other. Our members take part in road racing, cycling touring, club rides, time trials, track racing, sportives, cyclo-cross and mountain biking.

The Tarka Trail by Trailtrash   website

8 Youtube videos of the Tarka Trail