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It's time for a completely new political party to govern the UK.
UK Parliamentary General Election will be held on Thursday 4 July 2024.
Reform Party UK   Find my Candidate - South West Region
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Who Can I vote For. All Candidates ...
North Devon constituency
Torridge and Tavistock constituency
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Fall Of The Cabal videos
My Mate Café
74, Newport. Barnstaple.

5 Star Hygiene Rating
NEW May 2024
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat.
9.30am - 3pm
The World is really waking up now.
Are You ?
UK Column Streamed live 1pm every Monday, Wednesday & Friday and on demand soon afterwards.
6th November 2023
You've seen western TV and MSM
NOW see the TRUTH

  How to watch RT News on TV.   Switch on TV. Select "Menu" then Select "Web Browser". When the web browser opens then in the input box enter " " then press "Enter". Add to "Favourites".
  Better with NO TV BROWSER censorship .... use tv as monitor connected to your computer with an HDMI cable to watch RT News on Rumble in a browser that allows free speech. No TV license required.
If links or videos do not load in your web browser then download BRAVE web browser to see all. BRAVE web browser download
What a pleasure to meet awake people at A Stand In The Park.
Such friendly and open conversation. Lots of people of all ages and backgrounds are visiting a local group and finding that they are not alone in being awake even though their family and friends are steadfastly asleep in believing the totalitarian lies and deceit. A lot are alone when they come but leave stronger and more happy that they have found new friends with whom they can talk freely to confirm that being awake is not so unusual.
 JOIN a Stand In The Park UK 
ALL UK & Ireland Groups
South West England Groups
SITP is now on Gettr
Stand In The Park UK - Devon Groups
Barnstaple. Rock Park (flagpole by playarea)
Bideford. Victoria Park
Budleigh Salterton. The Green
Chulmleigh. The Pavilion
Colyton. Communal Gardens
Crediton. Newscombe Meadow (playarea)
Dartmouth. Royal Avenue Gardens
Exeter. Exwick Playing Fields (carpark)
Exeter. Rougemont Gardens (library)
Exmouth. Manor Gardens (bandstand)
Honiton. Millennium Green, The Glen
Ilfracombe. Runnymede Gardens (Bandstand)
Newton Abbot. Courtney Park (bandstand)
Ottery St. Mary. Land of Canaan (outdoor gym)
Paignton. Young’s Park, Goodrington
Plymouth. Freedom Fields (main bench)
Plympton. Harewood House
Sidmouth. The lawn on The Byes
Tavistock. Meadows Park/Winter:8 King Street
Teignmouth. The Den
Tiverton. People’s Park

Stand In The Park  Barnstaple 
by flagpole Rock Park.
10am until whenever.
 Come & Join Us. 
The Light Paper
The Light Paper
 DONATE  many ways to help.
ABOUT Janet & Cyntha.
On Telegram   On Bitchute
Janet's Dream - Blogs of Janet Ossebaard. April - November 2023 English and Dutch
10 March 2024. Dear friends / Lieve vrienden (Nederlands hieronder),
During the last 7 months of her life, Janet wrote blogs about her inward journey. She described her memories and her view on life. I have collected them and put them together in a book, so it will be easy for you to read them.
Just click on the language version to download the PDF. Cyntha.
  TELEGRAM is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app.     You've seen western TV and MSM. NOW see the TRUTH.
» Download TELEGRAM for your device  » ( FAQ )
Laura Aboli Channel on Telegram. Very Highly Recommended   ONLY active on Telegram and Instagram.
"Transhumanism: The End Game". Full speech from the Better Way Conference held by the World Council for health earlier this year.
» Laura Aboli Channel on Telegram.   » Shipping companies are banning the transport of EVs for the fire risk they pose ...
» Fire Forensics.   » Direct Energy Weapons.   » Nebraska, USA: A single hailstorm ....   » Launch of the EU's central bank digital currency.
» Roundup weedkiller.   » Biggest Fear of World Economic Order   » E120 and E904 are additives, found in many food products, which are obtained from insects.
» This is what actually happens when you tick the 'I'm not a robot' box.
» Trump Releases 2020 Election Fraud Report for Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan & Pennsylvania.
» When you find the date of your suicide in your wife's calendar.
HIDDEN TRUTH is the best news site on the interwebs. We'll open your eyes.
Vladimir Putin Annual Press Conference. 14 December 2023
» Watch RT News in Telegram 
» RT News UNCENSORED (real-time mirror) 
» PUTIN DIRECT on Telegram 
» Google sued for $7 Billion over AI Chip Patent Infringement Allegations.
Dr Mike Yeadon: Address to members of parliamentary special meeting 4 December 2023 Be sure to See This !!
  Dr Mike Yeadon: Address to the Croatia Parliament - ENGLISH
   Dr Mike Yeadon. Telegram Channel.

» Dr Mike Yeadon recorded speech for Andrew Bridgen's event was not played
» SOLO CHANNEL.   » Dr Mike Yeadon introduces Paul Schreyer documentary.
» lipid nonoparticles 10 years ago SEE VIDEO   » It's Absolutely Impossible SEE VIDEO
Ottowa hailstorm 19 November 2023. Snow does not melt but burns
Russian Embassy in London comment regarding the broadcast of the Channel 4 film on the situation of children evacuated from new Russian regions and Ukraine.
Here are a few excerpts from the leaked conversation of high-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr, February 19, 2024 conversation .....
Russia's MFA Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova: The hybrid war launched by the West against the people of Russia is well underway.
Full transcript of the conversation of high-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr, February 19, 2024. Read the transcript in full ......
Russia humanitarian aid to Gaza.    » 27 tons. 19 October 2023 » 28 tons. 3 Nov 2023 » 27 tons. 20 Nov 2023
Robin Monotti + Cory Morningstar.
» My Take On The Israel-Gaza War » Infosys has been given more than £2bn in contracts by Rishi Sunak » Claim of genocide at the International Court of Justice. » It is not correct to say that Russia invaded Ukraine.

 Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS One of the very few consultant veterinarians in Britain brave enough to speak out.
ICIC.LAW International Crime Investigative Committee
The Truth - Personal statement by Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Part 1
The Truth - Personal statement by Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Part 2
The Truth - Personal statement by Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Part 3 MUST SEE
Better Way Conference 2023. Watch On Demand FREE.
Dozens of hours of FREE video content from the historic second Better Way Conference that took place in Bath, UK in June of 2023.
Dr. Samantha Bailey.
Katherine Watt
Andrew Bridgen MP website
Andrew Bridgen. Help Fund My Work
Andrew Bridgen MP. News
Andrew Bridgen MP. Contact
The Sovereignty & Referendums Bill.
A bill to 'Prohibit Ministers of the Crown from making or implementing any legal instrument which is not consistent with the sovereignty of the United Kingdom Parliament unless it has been approved by referendum' has been proposed through Ten Minute Rule by MP Andrew Bridgen. MP Andrew Bridgen will continue to fight for the sovereignty and integrity of the British people and for this Bill to be given the reading and support it deserves... and we need your help! You will find information here on the progression of the bill. Subscribe for updates and to find out how you can support. We will not be asking the public for any donations.
   Petition. End the UK's membership of the WHO
The frightening power of television
The box in the corner is controlling us if we watch it. Jemma Cooper, ex-TV News Presenter, joins Richard Vobes to talk about the power of media manipulation and how television is programming us.
   Cancel your UK TV licence
Workers Party of Britain. George Galloway.
Workers Party - Ten Point Programme
Manifesto - Britain Deserves Better Highly Recommended Reading.
Workers Party Membership join us, participate, contribute to policy and perhaps be a candidate.
Parliament UK: Rochdale by-election results 29 February 2024. Hopefully a similar result in all next general election constituencies. Time for change.
Expose News: George Galloway Landslide Victory Sends Sunak into 'Meltdown.'
Dolores Cahill. strives to shed light on information that is otherwise not depicted through ordinary media but which is of fundamental importance for the individual's free decision-making process.
Countdown To Control   The countdown to complete control is underway.
    MUST SEE >>> Download Countdown To Control (pdf)     Download Countdown To Control Links (pdf)
Are you a victim of government & media coercion? Were you persuaded to get a jab you didn't need? How else might propaganda be coercing you into accepting things that aren't in your best interests? The assault on our freedoms comes in many guises and covers many different aspects of our lives. For those who are just waking up to what is going on, we have tried to summarise it all for you. Just click on any of the words to delve into the Why, Where, When, How and Who of What is going on. Then consider the What Ifs?.....and start to come up with some of your own. While we hope our interactive graphic is comprehensive, please do not consider it to be exhaustive. We are all still peeling back the many layers of deception. Every day reveals new insights, uncovers new psyops and surprises even the most avid rabbit-hole explorers.
Say NO to the WHO power grab.
Petition the King with our postcard.

Our Letter to King Charles III

View and Order Our Postcard
PCP Wales have been fighting RSE in schools for some years. We must protect our children
from grossly inappropriate
lesson materials.
Video Release
Unseen Videos
Press Release
9th of November ....
awaiting final decision from European Commission.
About Us
Prevent Genocide 2030 UK
The Good Stores
 Ashford Farm Shop 
Google Maps
To put in place an effective strategy that will swiftly mobilise millions of truth and freedom activists to overwhelm and collapse in a peaceful manner the planned 'Great Reset' of the World Economic Forum along with the criminal anti-human agenda currently being rolled out by the corporate globalists.
This will be done by carrying out lawful actions of mass non-compliance at a local level and through the creation of new, parallel systems that make existing and corrupted systems of state control completely redundant.
The Documentary 7/7 Ripple Effect Regarding the 7 July 2005 terrorist attacks in London .....
let us look at the facts, and what we were told, and compare them. Then, using Ockhamâs Razor and common-sense, let us see what conclusions are to be drawn, so we can all understand what most likely really did happen that day. Verint Systems is the security firm that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras, in the London Underground rail network, and it is an Israeli company, with approximately 1000 employees. No CCTV footage of the four Muslims boarding the tube-trains has been released by Verint; who claim that their cameras were not working. Why? Because the four Muslims were not on the tube-trains that blew up.
The initial message containing the story of the trial of the author of the documentary
Dr Mike Yeadon Telegram Post about the 7/7/2005 Ripple Effect documentary.
Common Law (Judiciary) versus True Common Law (of the Land).
Sovereign Natural Empowerment, and learning to stand in our own power, is arguably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for humanity right now. More and more we are seeing our rights eroded as spurious laws pass almost uncontested through our Parliament often without any consideration of public opinion let alone public consultation. Taking back control of our lives is empowering and builds resilience and courage when hope can often be at a low ebb. Join Ruth to explore how to find your voice, articulate your rights and be heard. Feel confident again knowing your inalienable rights can never be infringed upon and learn how to insist they are respected.
Sovereign Natural Empowerment Courses Introduction.
This series of videos will help you to see there is remedy in knowledge, knowledge of the truth, knowledge of true law.
And we can use their legal sytem against them, against the ones who use it against us.
Geoengineering Watch
Geoengineering Affects You, Your Environment, and Your Loved Ones.
Are Microwave Transmission Facilities Being Used To Trigger Earthquakes?
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 11, 2023.
The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary
Geoengineering Destroying The Atmosphere
Join The Sovereign Fraternity
There is a solution to the tyranny we're experiencing throughout the world today and it's within the grasp of everyone who is willing to work towards it. We believe this begins with unity and the first step in our mission is to unite those who wish to be free through the Sovereign Fraternity.
If you pledge to be proactive and take the oath to do no harm, keep your word and help your fellow sovereign, then you will not be alone on the journey towards becoming free and you will enjoy the Fraternity benefits.
I am suing Mr Hancock for defamation.
Earlier this year, the former Health Secretary described me in a tweet as a "disgusting and dangerous" propagator of anti-Semitism. I believe this was to stop me asking questions about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines on behalf of my constituents and other members of the public who have suffered adverse reactions to the vaccines and from Covid policy in many other ways. If I am successful, any damages awarded will be donated IN FULL to support the seriously vaccine injured and their ongoing fight for recognition and remedy. Support free speech and the right of MPs to give a voice to the unheard. If you can, please support my case against Mr Hancock. Thank you. Andrew Bridgen
This DECLARATION by the British Constitution Group to Restore the Rule of Law in the United Kingdom was witnessed and unanimously endorsed by around five hundred people at the Guildhall, Winchester, on the 19th of November, 2016.
Democracy Defined Campaign Illegal arbitrary dispossession of homes, fabricated financial crises, unwarranted taxation, unemployment, and intolerable government molestation in the lives of innocent men and women, are all addressed herein. The catastrophic criminal inhumanity wrought upon whole populations by that miniscule number of men and women responsible for, and responsible for permitting (abetting) the Crime of Usury (money-lending-at-interest); fraudulent Fractional Reserve Lending; the issuance of national (and international) currency and credit at interest by non-national, de facto privately-owned "Central" Banks; the ubiquitous global crimes and lethality of International Monetary organisations and World Bank are confronted.
However, above all, it is the criminality of participants in the latterday "Justice" Systems which is exposed.
Due to the false preachings of modern politicians, you might have a completely mistaken idea of what democracy really is - many people do. This website brings home the realities. The information provided enables you to judge for yourself whether you live in a democracy or whether your government is a despotism, and what you can do about it.
The Winchester Declaration (pdf)   What professional politicians daren't tell you ....(pdf)
There has never been more of a need for a common sense party which stands for defending our history and heritage, traditional family values, and protecting freedom of speech and civil liberties. This is the Heritage Party
Heritage Party Freedom - Family - Nation   Join the Heritage Party as a member £25 One-year membership
For far too long, the United Kingdom has been led down a path of managed decline by successive governments, and the current government is ruining our society, culture and economy.
Heritage Party to stand record number of candidates
Stop World Control. The Russian president is not the real Vladimir Putin. What is going on?  A must see! 
The most profound difference in the new Putin is, that, while his predecessor was a Young Global Leader from the World Economic Forum, trained to promote the globalist agenda of a one world government, the new Putin has become the opposite of that.
He openly opposes the globalist agenda, and calls for the preservation of sovereign nations.
Stop World Control. What nobody told you about Ukraine  A must see! 
Shocking evidence of how the media worldwide is lying to humanity about what is really going on with Ukraine and Russia. QUOTE "When you observe how these criminals desperately want you to hate Putin, you should ask yourself: "Why? What is Putin doing, that is apparently a threat to them?" This brings us to a next basic reality: whenever the cabal tells you to hate somebody, it means this person is their enemy, and probably your friend.
The only way to understand the current worldwide attack on Russia, is to know how this nation is a major obstacle for the one world government. 
Stop World Control. The insane plans of the World Economic Forum.  A must see! 
The good side of all of this indescribable madness, is that it is going way too far, and is therefore causing hundreds of millions of people to wake up and begin to understand what is going on in our world. This offers hope for the future, as for centuries, the masses have been clueless about the evil powers ruling their countries behind the scenes. Now at last humanity is starting to see how raving mad the rulers are, and how insanely wicked their agenda is.
It's time for the greatest awakening of all time ...
LEGAL HISTORY - AMERICAN DOMESTIC BIOTERRORISM PROGRAM. Enabling statutes, regulations, executive orders, guidance documents and budget allocations.
If you are not aware of the work of Katherine Watt, I cannot emphasize strongly enough that you familiarise yourself with the contents of this thorough summary.
Katherine has diligently reviewed vast tracts of US Federal laws which have been used & are to this day in use to provide blanket immunity for administration of injurious "vaccines" under a "public health emergency".
It's absolutely shocking & explains why they're not stopping.
This legal underpinning meshes perfectly with my & other's deductions that everything is lies intended to injure or kill very substantial numbers of people.
Awareness of the corruption of all institutions which are charged with looking out for our best interests is essential if we are to aim at the right targets.
There's just one way to turn this off legally & that's to prove wilful intent to injure or kill. Best wishes. Mike Yeadon on Telegram
 PlandemicSeriesOfficial  on
The first PLANDEMIC, a 26 minute documentary, has been seen by over one billion people worldwide, setting a historic record.
The premiere of PLANDEMIC 2: INDOCTORNATION set streaming records with 2 million viewers attending the global livestream.
The series is accredited for being first to warn the world of the crimes against humanity that are now being brought to light.
PLANDEMIC 3: THE GREAT AWAKENING is currently in production, scheduled for world-wide release Fall 2022.
 PlandemicSeriesOfficial  on
The White Rose UK    A peaceful resistance group based in the UK.
About the White Rose UK
The White Rose News
Require Energy Companies to Maintain a Supply of Analogue Meters PETITION
The Daily Expose
Category: Did You Know?
Dr Vernon Coleman.
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed.
Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite.


Traffic Update   website
Traffic Update South West England   website
Traffic Update brings drivers the latest current motorway, reports and updates, road congestion, delays and travel news for to you, free of charge, fed directly from the Highways Agency, TfL, Traffic Wales and Traffic Scotland., helps commuters, holiday makers, school runs and tourists, who want to get to their destination fast and safely, avoiding road closed, jams, road accidents, roadworks, rain/snow inclement weather, congestion and other hotspots or incidents throughout the day and rush hour, and reporting on the speed camera locations, petrol stations and accident hotspots.

Car Parking in North Devon   website
.... Interactive Car Park Map   website
Check out the interactive car park map to better help you find car parks in the North Devon area.
....Lorries, Coaches and Motorhomes   website
....Disabled car parking   website
....Trailers and Motorbikes   website

....Barnstaple Car Parks   website
....Barnstaple Pay-on-foot parking   website
Entry and exit barriers and new payment machines have been installed at Hardaway Head (site of the old multi-storey off Queen Street) and Bear Street car parks. The new pay-on-foot scheme involves taking a ticket at the barrier and paying for your parking when you return to your vehicle. The new payment machines take coins, notes, credit and debit cards.
....Country Car Parks   website
Berrynarbor - Castle Hill Car Park - Haggington Hill Car Park
Other Country Car Parks - Bickington Car Park - Croyde Car Park - Fremington Car Park - Landkey Car Park - Mortehoe Car Park
....Ilfracombe Car Parks   website
....Lynton and Lynmouth Car Parks   website
....South Molton Car Parks   website

Car Parking in Torridge   website
Where can I park?   website
Parking locations in the Torridge area   website
Appledore, Bideford, Holsworthy, Northam, Torrington, Westward Ho!

Where to Park in Appledore   website
.... Slipway Facilities - Churchfield Appledore   website
Where to Park in Bideford   website
Where to Park in Holsworthy   website
Where to Park in Northam   website
Where to Park in Torrington   website
Where to Park in Westward Ho!   website
Where to park for Lundy Island   website

Motor Home Overnight Parking   website
Coach and Lorry Parking   website
Motorcycle Parking   website

Parking Charges, Payment Methods & Parking Permits   website

Advanced Motoring
Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)  
Barnstaple & North Devon Advanced Motorists  
Auto Trader   website
The marketplace brings together the largest and most engaged consumer audience. Auto Trader has over 90% prompted brand awareness and attracts circa 48 million cross platform visits each month, with circa 70% of visits coming through mobile devices. More than 80% of all time spent on automotive classified sites is spent on Auto Trader.
Auto Trader Top Marques   website
Auto Trader Bikes   website
Auto Trader Farm   website
Auto Trader Vans   website
Auto Trader Caravans   website
Auto Trader Motorhomes   website
Auto Trader Trucks   website
Auto Trader Plant   website
Auto Trader UK on YouTube  website

Abbey Garage. Barnstaple   website
Car sales with usual dealer facilities, part exchange welcome. Mot testing, car servicing and repairs.
Auto-Mo-Beel Ltd.   website
Auto-Mo-Beel Ltd is based in Huntshaw Cross, North Devon specialising in servicing, auto-electrics, tyres, repairs, preventative maintenance, exhausts, clutches or timing belts and MOTs.
B & P Bodyworks   website
Car Crash Repairs. Bodywork Repairs. Holsworthy Devon
Barnstaple Autocare Solutions   website
Barnstaple Autocare Solutions is a used car and van dealer in Barnstaple stocking a wide range of second hand cars and vans at great prices
Barnstaple Volkswagen   website
Find contact details for Marshall Volkswagen (Barnstaple) Volkswagen. Discover our range of VW cars and services on offer today.
Bathwick Tyres   website
Bathwick Tyres have the largest range of tyres, alloy wheels, batteries and exhausts in the South-West.
Barnstaple  website
Bideford  website
Beetlebank   website
Air-Cooled Volkswagen Specialists in North Devon. We carry out bodywork, MOT work and servicing, small repairs or full bare metal restoration, custom upholstery and performance engine building.
Berlyn Services   website
Supplier of Porsche car parts
Bishops Tawton Cars   website
An established family run business that has been trading from our current site since 1980. All our stock are specially selected and usually with low mileages, to offer real value for money cars to suit all motoring needs.
Blights Motors   website
Blights Motors Bideford is a friendly, family-run business that has been supplying Devon and the south west with quality cars for over 82 years, founded in 1933 by the late Jack Blight and now continued on by further generations. Blights Ford and Blights MG are the car dealership parts of the business. The site also has a BP Fuel station and Spar Convenience store with a Costa Coffee.
Braunton Engineering   website
A specialist in repair, servicing and rebuilding Porsches of all shapes and a MOT testing station.
Bridge Motor Company Ltd   website     website
Bideford's No.1 choice for your next used car.
One owner - low mileage cars arriving daily
Exceptional cash discount
or Exceptional price for part exchange
Cars purchased for cash.
The most unbeatable deals in town
BT Autos   website
Commercial Vehicle Specialists
Car Share Devon   website
Details car sharing schemes, share cars and save money
Cath Roberts Driver Training   website
First class driving lessons from both our male and lady instructors tailored to suit the needs of each individual client and delivered in a professional but friendly manner
Chivenor Trade Centre   website
Commercial & 4x4s Sales
Clover Cars   website
local independent garage situated in Barnstaple for all your motoring needs.
Colwills Garage   website
An independent garage workshop, with modern and spacious purpose built premises in Hartland, Devon and Bude, Cornwall.
CPM Repairs   website
provide vehicle repairs and servicing throughout the region on a whole range of vehicles including Cars, Motorcycles, Vans, Trucks, Quadbikes and Scooters. Our repairs include accident repairs and bodywork repairs from minor scratches to full resprays from our facilities in South Molton
County Garage Group Barnstaple   website
The Premier Multi-Franchise group for Barnstaple. Family run business based in Barnstaple North Devon that has served North Devon's motoring needs for over 80 years.
County Renault   website
County Dacia   website
County Mazda   website
County Land Rover   website
County Vauxhall   website
County Kia   website
County Suzuki   website
County Group Used Car Centre   website

Dartford Tyres   website
Buy tyres in Kent online at Dartford Tyres - No upfront payment will be required.
Devon 4x4. South Molton   website
a specialist 4x4 vehicle company, offering a complete range of services and 4x4 accessories and 4x4 spares for owners and enthusiasts of all makes of 4x4 and off-road vehicle
Devon & Cornwall Police   website
Devon & Cornwall Police - On The Road   website
Devon & Cornwall Police - News   website
Devon County Council Parking   website
Devon County Council are responsible for all on-street parking in Devon.
District councils are responsible for their own local car parks.
Blue Badge parking   website
Car parks in Devon   website
How parking is regulatedwebsite
Park and Ride   website
Parking permits   website
Parking dispensation scheme   website
Exemptions for care and health staff   website
Parking tickets   website
Pavement parking   website
Devon Wheels 2 Work   website
We help people in Devon and Somerset to get on the road to access work and training
Devonshire Motors   website
Multi-award winning Devon dealership selling new Mitsubishi and used cars from all manufacturers as well as car service, MOT, parts, tyres and repairs in Barnstaple.
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency   website
Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency   website
We improve road safety in Great Britain by setting standards for driving and motorcycling, and making sure drivers, vehicle operators and MOT garages follow roadworthiness standards. We also provide a range of licensing, testing, education and enforcement services.
Enigma Vehicle Systems   website
Vehicle Tracking - The product range offers a wide range of specialist GPS tracking and security solutions for construction, plant and agriculture, waste management, transport and logistics.
Falcon Quality Used Cars Ltd   website
Falcon Quality Used Cars Ltd at Habat Enterprise Park, Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford, offer a wide range of quality used cars, 4x4s, wheel chair access vehicles.
Graham Roberts Autos South Molton   website
Quality Used Cars for Sale
Green Lanes Garage   website
Garage & Car repair, service and MOT in Barnstaple
GS Auto Tech Ltd   website
GS Auto Tech Garage Services at Chivenor Business Park near Braunton offer car maintenance and servicing, including used car sales, garage services, MOT, Stering and geometry, pre MOT test, tuning, clutches, brakes, timing, cambelts, timing belts, bodywork, repairs, recovery & breakdown service
Headley Tyres   website
At Headley Tyres Basingstoke branch, we stock tyres of all leading tyre brands. Visit our website and shop tyres suitable for your specific vehicle.
Heard Elliott   website
Car repairs and Servicing, Bideford, Northam, Westward Ho, Appledore
IDAM Signs   website
A sign company specializing in the production of a wide range of signage, including shop fascias, vehicle graphics, window manifestations, illuminated signs and much more. For a quality finish and good design, look no further.
Ilfracombe Tyres   website
Batteries, Brake Inspection, Brakes, Bulb Replacement, Catalytic Converter, Exhausts, MOT, Motorbike MOT, Servicing, Tyre Repair, Wheel Alignment

Jayne's Driving School   website
Lives in Barnstaple and provides driving lessons in and around Braunton, Barnstaple, Bideford and most of North Devon.
Kastner Barnstaple   website
Kastner Barnstaple is the leading Volvo dealer in Barnstaple. Search for a wide range of new and used Volvo cars at great prices. Car servicing, repairs and MOT available
Kevin Reynolds Driving Instructor   website
Driving lessons with Kevin Reynolds Approved Driving Instructor in and around Abbotsham, Barnstaple, Bideford, Northam, South Molton,Torrington
Leap Driver Training   website
We are a driving school in Barnstaple teaching learner drivers with fantastic block booking discounts with a 100% money back guarantee. We specialise in teaching nervous pupils of all backgrounds.
Loverings Garage. Combe Martin   website
Combe Martin's Vauxhall specialist - second hand and new vehicle sales, workshop, MOT, bodyshop, petrol, diesel and seasonal gifts
Marshall Skoda of Barnstaple   website
New and used cars, service, parts and bodyshop
Midway Motors. Yelland   website
For quality used cars.
Movolytics - Fleet Management software   website
Movolytics is a fleet and fuel management software platform. We help SMEs like yours manage their fleets, monitor drivers and reduce fuel costs. Whether you have five vehicles or 500, Movolytics' SaaS telematics technology will flex to your operations and make your business more accountable and easier to run.
MTF Training Winkleigh   website
Off-Road Driver Training. Instructor Training.
Trailer Handling. Winch Training. ATV Training
National Tyres and Autocare Barnstaple   website
National Tyres and Autocare Tiverton   website
Norris Auto Services. Knowle Garage. Knowle nr Braunton   website
offer a wide range of services to the motorist, MOTs, Servicing, Car Sales, Fuel injection & Engine Management Diagnostics, Tyres, Exhausts, Air Conditioning Service & Repairs.
North Devon Metal Craft   website
Manufacturers of replacement steel and aluminium bodies
North Devon Mobile Mechanic, based in Barnstaple   website
Repair Work. We can do many light repair jobs at your property, from new exhausts to welding work, new radiators or even stereo installation.
North Devon Sports and Classic Car Club   website
We are a very social and friendly club. During the year we have many events: social functions, car runs and static displays.
Passion4cars   website
Elliotts Garage, Kingsley Road, Bideford offer the very best deals on used cars in Bideford
Prance Motor Services Ltd   website
Car repairs, Servicing and MOT in Bideford
Quay Garage Barnstaple Servicing Centre   website
Your experienced, local, independent & reliable garage providing repairs, servicing and used cars from Braunton and Barnstaple
RAC   website
Rely on RAC's trusted Breakdown Cover and find out more about RAC car insurance, how to get free At Home cover with breakdown assistance and much more.
Robins Garage Ilfracombe   website
Located just off the roundabout at Mullacot Cross on the approach to Ilfracombe. We offer Mot testing, car servicing and repairs, used car sales as well as motorhome servicing and repairs.
Roundswell Toyota   website
Local Toyota Centre for a new or used car
Southcott Specialist Cars   website
Southcott Specialist Cars is a used car dealer in Holsworthy stocking a wide range of second hand cars at great prices.
South West Consumables   website
For a complete range of workshop consumables, tools, fixings and fasteners, South West Consumables offer the perfect solution and service
Super Shine Restorations   website
Metal Polishers and Nickle Platers based in Barnstaple North Devon
I specialise in the polishing and restoration of motorcycle and car parts from vintage to custom, to show standards.
Taw Ford   website
Taw Ford is the Ford Main Dealer for North Devon. Supply the full range of new Ford cars and commercial vehicles. Also quality used cars for sale
The AA   website
UK's most trusted brand and most popular breakdown cover provider. The AA also offers car insurance, home insurance, route planning, travel and boiler cover.
Tiger Racing   website
Official website of Tiger Racing (Tiger Sportscars) - manufacturers of sportscars for road and track.
TJH Auto Repairs Barnstaple   website
TJH Auto provides a complete service for cars and motorhomes - quality repairs, batteries, exhausts, tyres, wheel alignment and vehicle accessories
TRACKER website
the UK number one supplier of vehicle tracking services
Car website
Caravans and Motorhomes website
Motorcycle website
Plant Equipment website
Fleet Tracking website
Tredown Ltd. Hollacombe   website
specialise in Landrovers, vehicles from 1948 up to the present day
Truscotts Barnstaple   website
An official Peugeot Dealer, Truscotts of Barnstaple are proud to represent Peugeot in North Devon. Fantastic offers available on new and used Peugeots
VanQuest   website
We are a VW camper hire company based in North Devon that specialize in bespoke conversions that we create in our workshop. We provide VW T5 LWB (long wheel base) 4 berth campers for short break, festivals and longer breaks. We also provide a conversion service whether it is fitting elevating roof, windows, swivel seats in the front or anything else.
Vanscape   website
At Vanscape we specialise in Volkswagen T5 conversions, offering a range of conversions to suit all tastes, balancing quality and style with budget. We have many years experience designing campers to meet the needs and demands of our customers.
Warmingtons Garage   website
Car repairs and Servicing, Bideford, Torrington and Barnstaple
Watertown Garage Appledore   website
Servicing All Makes and can service and repair your classic car. Carry out welding repairs. Arrange collection and delivery of your vehicle.
Westerly BMW Barnstaple   website
Westerly Mini Barnstaple   website
Wicketts. Bradworthy   website
Car, Van and 4x4 sales, repairs, MOT testing, 24hr recovery, alloy and wire wheel sales
Wildae Restorations Ltd   website
We specialise in the repair and restoration of classic and vintage cars including Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and many other prestige marques.
Winston Pincombe   website
A family run independent garage based in Chulmleigh that has been trading for over 30 years. The business is predominantly the sale of new and used Land Rover 4x4s and Ifor Williams Trailers, although we occasionally part exchange other makes of 4WD vehicles.

Alex Buckingham Motorcycles   website
Alex Buckingham Motorcycles was established in 1988,situated in the heart of Barnstaple,the shop offers a full range of services including MOT testing for class 1&2. Sales of new and used bikes and scooters, clothing and accessories as well as North Devons largest stockists of mx and off road parts and kit.
Bikesafe   website
BikeSafe is an initiative run by Police Forces around the United Kingdom who work with the whole of the biking world to help to lower the number of motorcycle rider casualties
Hedgehog Motorcycles Barnstaple   website
Motorcycles. Helmets, Clothing, Parts and Accessories
Irelands Motorcycles Barnstaple   website
North Devon's No.1 Motorcyclist Specialist.
Motorcycle Action Group South West   website
Represent motorcyclists on a wide range of issues that affect all aspects of motorcycling. MAG has a nation-wide network of local groups who organise regular local meetings, political lobbying, demonstrations, social events and charitable functions.
Motorcycle Action Group North Devon   website
Motorcycle co uk   website
The UK's favourite and best Motorcycle Listings. Browse more bike web sites than you can shake a stick at....
North Devon British Motorcycle Owners Club website
The West Country's most active motorcycle club. Contrary to the club name, not all own British bikes, in fact the more modern marques now outweigh them on our regular rides, so whatever you own, or hanker after, why not join up?
Paul Adams Motorcycle Training   website
CBT, motorcycle, scooter, motor bike training in the Bideford and Barnstaple area