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The World is really waking up now .....

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North Devon Group website
Meet by flagpole Rock Park. Barnstaple.
10am - 11am until whenever
  Videos  The Reason for what is happening
   VIDEO  WHO Whistleblower Depopulation
   VIDEO  Dr. Sean Brooks PhD
   VIDEO  Prepare Mentally For what Is Coming
   VIDEO  Funeral Director - most vaccinated.
   VIDEO  THE NEW NORMAL Documentary
   VIDEO  The Day The World Stood Together
   VIDEO  George Orwell's Animal Farm
  VIDEO  Heat pumps- one of the biggest cons
The White Rose UK    A peaceful resistance group based in the UK.
Killing of Sir David Amess - What Was the Motive?
Undertaker John O'Looney: People Need to Wake Up - Children Will Die from the Covid Jab
Pentagon Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandates on Military, Federal Employees and Contractors
At Least 1,719 Murdered by Covid 'Vaccine' in the UK
Dr Mike Yeadon: 'Is This the Future You Want for Your Children and Grandchildren?'
What Sort of Society Does This to Its Young?
No quarantine, No £2000 10 Day Hotel Prison Service, All Charges Dropped
Neil Oliver: Upcoming Months Will Determine Who Britain Is as a Country
Safeguarding Children and Young People During the Covid Pandemic (pdf)
Serious Safeguarding Concerns Raised for Children and Young People.
Important Summary Update from Dr Reiner Fuellmich (Investigative Committee)
Dr Reiner Fuellmich: "This Is the Worst Crime Against Humanity Ever"
Dr Peter McCullough: "We Have To Stop This!"
Dr Reiner Fuellmich: "What Is Happening Now Is Worse Than What the Nazis Did"
Dr Reiner Fuellmich Interviewing Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor.
WHO Whistleblower: Depopulation, Total Control, Perpetual Fear And Injections
Daily Mail Reporter and Whistle Blower Sally Beck Speaks About the Vax Injury Cover-Up
Interview With Journalist Whitney Webb - Who and What Is Behind the Push for the Covid Jab?
Postmortem Study of Patient Vaccinated Against Covid: Viral RNA Found in Every Organ of the Body
South Africa's Highest Court Set to Free the Continent from the New World Order and Central Bank
  'Vaccine' Murder Charges
Accepted by Prosecutors
  Cops for Covid Truth
  Vaccinated collapsing a few 100 yards from vaccination centre
  Unvaccinated Are at Risk
From the Vaccinated
  Girls With Common Sense
The Daily Expose
Category: Did You Know?
Murder in the Care Home - The pandemic response 4 years in the planning
Midazolam was used to end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 & an NHS document proves Staff were ordered to do it
Whitty ordered lethal doses
Surprise, Surprise - MP's and Scientific Advisors are heavily invested in Vaccine Industry
Leave our Kids alone - 27th update on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 Vaccines released
How many more children need to die?
Whitty approves Covid-19 vaccine to kids
Evidence C-19 Vaccines Are Killing Children
  BBC News Report conditioning the public
  Safe & Effective? Lies. Lies. Lies.
Dr Vernon Coleman.
More Evidence 'They' Want You Dead
More Evil from Big Pharma
You'll be Drinking Granny Soon!
How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
Proof that Masks Do More Harm than Good
Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed.
Fighting for Our Lives - We Must Unite.


 Come on. Let's GO
The Countryside Code (pdf leaflet) website
Respect other people: 
consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors
leave gates and property as you find them
follow paths unless wider access is available
Protect the natural environment: 
leave no trace of your visit and take your litter home
keep dogs under effective control
Enjoy the outdoors: 
plan ahead and be prepared
follow advice and local signs

Towards the end of the 12th century a 'large waste called The Common' was given to the people of Torrington. In 1889 the rights to this land were transferred, by an act of parliament, to an elected Committee of Conservators website. They now administer 365 acres of land surrounding the town on all but the eastern side. The area is freely accessible to all and visitors can walk the 20 miles of footpaths, ranging from Great Torrington Golf Course in the north, ancient wood and wild flower meadow in the west and dropping down to the beautiful river Torridge valley to the south of the town. There is access from the Tarka Trail for walkers.
Walks & Maps website
The commons have more than twenty miles of footpaths. Many of the paths have wonderful names from the descriptive Sliding Rock to the mysterious Barmaid's Path. The paths are of varying levels of ruggedness from tarmacked and suitable for wheelchairs to others which are stony and need to be navigated with care.
Volunteers website
We have a group of volunteers known as Friends of the Commons. They help keep the commons safe and clean. Friends can give as much or as little time as they can afford, performing jobs from litter picking to larger jobs like cutting and clearing. If you would like to join the Friends of the Commons and volunteer some of your time, please call for more information.

Membership keeps the Commons special. Great Torrington Commons is managed by a small group of staff, a board of volunteer trustees, a group of volunteers known as 'Friends' of the Commons, and a group of volunteers that help the Ranger with various duties throughout the seasons. We are a registered charity, relying on donations, grants & funds, and proceeds from our fundraising events. Managing the Commons and keeping the environment safe costs money.
We have created a membership programme called 365 Supporters Group. By joining us and paying just £2 per month, you can help us to maintain and improve the Commons. Above all, you will help us to preserve the wild and natural beauty of the Commons, while keeping it accessible to all.
365 Supporter membership card. The membership card can be used to get a discount in certain shops in Great Torrington. The list of shops is growing. To sign your business up to the scheme contact us.


Ilfracombe website
Hartland website
Hatherleigh to Iddesleigh website
Lorna Doone country website
Lundy website
Mortehoe website
South Molton website
The Two Moors Way: coast to coast website
Torrington website
Westward Ho! website
Braunton Burrows Public Information (Facebook) website
See which zone the cattle are in if you want to avoid cows with your dog.
British Walks - Walks in Devon website
a total of 474.6 miles in 31 Devon walks (an average of 15.3 miles per walk)
Chulmleigh Walks website
Walk 1 website or pdf format
Walk 2 website or pdf format
Walk 3 website or pdf format
Combe Walks Self-Guided Booklets website
Self Guided Walks and Cycle Routes in North Devon and Exmoor
Croyde Cycle website
Maps and information for walking and cycling in North Devon
NATURAL ENGLAND's role with National Parks in England website
Arlington - near Barnstaple website
Bampfield Farm - near Goodleigh website
Borough Farm - near Barnstaple website
Bradford Manor Farm - near Holsworthy website
Brockenbarrow Farm - near Parracombe website
Buckpitt and Hayne Farms - near Hatherleigh website
Challacome Common - near Parracombe website
Chapel Hill - near Braunton website
Cheristow Farm - near Hartland website
Coham - near Hatherleigh website
Crooked Oak - near South Molton website
Damage Barton - near Barnstaple website
Dart Raffe A - near Witheridge website
Dart Raffe B - near Witheridge website
Dart Raffe C - near Witheridge website
Dennington Hill - near Swimbridge website
East Combe Farm - near Bampton website
East Hole - near Holsworthy website
Hartland Abbey - near Hartland website
Higher Ash Town Farm - near Rose Ash website
Higher Westland Farm, Kentisbury website
Hole Brook - near Hatherleigh website
Horsey Island - near Braunton website
Indicknowle - near Combe Martin website
Kingsnympton Park - near South Molton website
Land at Woolacombe Down website
Little Dart Raffe - near Witheridge website
Lower Brownsham Farm - near Hartland website
Lower Viveham - near Barnstaple website
Luttrell Farm - near Bampton website
Maddox Down - near Barnstaple website
Middle Spreacombe - near Braunton website
Milford Farm - near Hartland website
Plaistow Bunglow - near Barnstaple website
Rectory Fields - near Combe Martin website
Simpson Barton - near Holsworthy website
South Stroxworthy Barton - near Bideford website
Speccott Barton - near Great Torrington website
Tordown Farm - near Swimbridge website
West Ashford Barton - near Barnstaple website
Devon Calling website
Walk at Hartland Quay website
Walk part of the Tarka Trail at Eggesford website
Eggesford Gardens website
Garden Centre, Shop and Restaurant.
Set in the heart of the mid-Devon countryside, Eggesford Garden and Country Centre is a great place to visit - even if you are not a keen gardener. The Gardens Restaurant serves a great choice of hot and cold meals, snacks and beverages. Eggesford Garden Centre is a good starting point if you are planning a walk in the area as we are on the edge of the Eggesford Forest and the Tarka Trail. We have plenty of car parking and, best of all for the weary walker, refreshments in the Garden Restaurant.
Exmoor National Park website

Exmoor National Park - Walking website
Exmoor National Park - Exmoor Walking Map website
Exmoor National Park - Out and About Essentials website
Exmoor National Park - Rights Of Way website
To help you explore Exmoor with confidence, Ordnance Survey have teamed up with Simon King to film these excellent videos on being prepared for Exmoor walking.
.... How to choose the right ordinance survey map 
.... Understanding map symbols 
.... Learn about contour lines 
.... Understanding grid references 
.... Know your compass 
.... How to use a compass 
.... Be prepared for your walk  website

Explore Braunton website
Explore Braunton Downloadable Walks Leaflets website

Assault Training Center. D-Day WWII website

Explore Devon. Walking website
Did you know that if you walked every day for a year in Devon, you would never have to walk the same path twice? Well known for its mild climate, unspoilt beauty, peace and tranquillity, there is over 3500 miles of footpaths and trails waiting to be discovered.
Five rewarding walks around Lee website

1. Village Walk website 3/4 hr
A short walk exploring the fragrances and textures of the village and its gardens
2. Smuggler's Path website 1½ hrs
A short walk exploring some of the places and legends surrounding Lee's smuggling past
3. Woodland Walk website 1-2 hrs
A medium length circular walk exploring the wooded hills and valleys surrounding Lee
4. Coast and Country website 2 hrs
A longer walk through the hills and valleys around Lee, returning via the coastal path.
5. Clifftop, Gorse and Heather website 3 hrs.+
A harder walk over coastal heathlands via Damage Barton and Bull Point Lighthouse.
Galsham Farm, Hartland. Surrounding Area website

Pictures of the perfect location

Hartland Peninsula website
A Walker's Paradise
.... The Harton Borough Heritage Walk website
.... The Parkland Heritage Walk website
.... The Northern Heritage Walk website
.... The Coastal Heritage Walk website
Home Place Walks Guide website

Walks with Video 
Hunters Inn and Woody Bay website 6 miles
Porlock Weir & Bossington website 6 miles
Cow Castle & Picked Stones website 7.5 miles
Simonsbath to Prayway website 3.5 miles
The Doone Valley walk website 8 miles
Rockford & Brendon Common website 6 miles
Ilfracombe to Hele Bay website 3 miles
Valley of Rocks website 2.5 miles
Croyde to Saunton website 3 miles
Hunters Inn to Trentishoe website 3 miles
Lynmouth to Hillsford website 7.5 miles
Bull and Morte Points website 5 miles
Challacombe Church website 2.5 miles
Winsford to Bridgetown website 5 miles
Great Hangman website 6 miles
Tarr Steps to Withypool website 8 miles
Dulverton to Brushford website 5 miles
Exford to Room Hill website 7 miles
The Prehistoric Chains website 6 miles
Dulverton to Marsh Bridge website 3.5 miles
National Trust Walks. 
Devon & Exmoor  website

Arlington Court. near Barnstaple  website
Intriguing Regency house and impressive horse-drawn vehicles
.... Walking on the Arlington estate  website

Baggy Point. Croyde  website
The impressive headland at Croyde with crashing waves and dramatic cliffs
.... Our walks  website

Bideford Bay and Hartland  website
Miles of unspoilt coastline that inspired Rudyard Kipling
Running and walking routes around Bideford Bay and Hartland  website

Heddon Valley. Barnstaple  website
Towering cliffs, coves and a wooded valley within Exmoor National Park
.... Walks around Heddon Valley  website

Lundy Island  website
Unspoilt island, home to a fascinating array of wildlife amidst dramatic scenery
.... Walking trail  website

Mortehoe. Woolacombe  website
Gateway to a wild, remote coast with a rich history of wrecking and smuggling. Amazing walking, wildlife and sunbathing seals.
.... Things to see and do  website

Watersmeet. Lynmouth  website
Dramatic river gorge, ancient woodlands, tea garden and shop in stunning surroundings
.... Walks around Watersmeet  website

Woolacombe  website
Spectacular coastline of cliff, coves, beaches, dunes and headlands
.... Walks around Woolacombe  website

Dunsland. Holemoor, Nr Holsworthy  website
A grand Parkland abundant in wildlife and with over 900 years of history

Finch Foundry. Okehampton  website
The last working water-powered forge in England

Knightshayes. Tiverton  website
Discover Knightshayes, a country estate on a grand, gothic scale

The Hunters Inn, Heddon Valley Walks website

We are famous for our captivating & exhilarating country walks which vary from relaxing to exhausting! We have walking maps available at the bar which will help you plan your adventures from the inn.

Lynton & Lynmouth Walkers are Welcome website
Located on the stunning North Devon coast and surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Exmoor National Park, it's easy to see the appeal of Lynton & Lynmouth as a top walking holiday destination
Marwood Hill Gardens website
Marwood Hill Gardens

20 acres of beautiful gardens and three lakes in a valley setting with Plant Centre and Garden Tea Room.
Pet Shop 2Go   website
Pet products, supplies and accessories for dogs, cats and small animals. Secure online ordering, fast UK shipping.

Public Rights of Way website
Devon County Council
As the Highway Authority for Devon, the County Council is responsible for 3,200 miles (4,960km) of public rights of way.
South West Coast Path website
South West Coast Path

Come to the beach anywhere in the South West of England, turn left or right and you'll be on the South West Coast Path and on the edge of an amazing experience. Where else can you walk along 630 miles of such superb coastline which makes up the longest National Trail in the UK? The heritage, wildlife, geology and scenery along the way are truly inspirational and every day walking it brings stunning new experiences.
Minehead to Westward Ho! (Exmoor and North Devon) 87 miles 
Crossing the rugged high moors and woods of Exmoor National Park before passing the surf beaches of Woolcombe and then around the sheltered Taw and Torridge Estuary.
Minehead to Porlock Weir website 9 miles
Porlock Weir to Lynmouth website 12 miles
Lymouth to Combe Martin website 13 miles
Combe Martin to Woolacombe website 13 miles
Woolacombe to Braunton website 15 miles
Braunton to Instow website 13 miles
Instow to Westward Ho! (via Bideford) website 11 miles
Westward Ho! to Padstow (Hartland and North Cornwall coast) 78 miles 
Considered by many as the toughest, but one of the most spectacular weeks of the walk. South of Hartland Point the coastline has been shaped by the full force of the Atlantic resulting in dramatic cliffs and a switch back of hills and valleys to cross.
Westward Ho! to Clovelly website 11 miles
Clovelly to Hartland Quay website 10 miles
Hartland Quay to Bude website 15 miles
Bude to Crackington Haven website 10 miles
Crackington Haven to Tintagel website 11 miles
Tintagel to Port Isaac website 9 miles
Port Isaac to Padstow website (river crossing)12 miles
Stephen and Lucy's Website website

A lot of walking in lots of places. Magnificent photos 
My walks on the South West Coast Path (2009-2015) website
South West Coast Path 10-13 April 2009 
Minehead to Porlock 10 April 2009 website
Porlock to Lynton 11 April 2009 website
Lynton to Combe Martin 12 April 2009 website
Combe Martin to Woolacombe 13 April 2009 website
South West Coast Path 6-9 April 2012 
Woolacombe to Braunton 6 April 2012 website
Braunton to Westward Ho! 7 April 2012 website
Westward Ho! to Clovelly 8 April 2012 website
Clovelly to Hartland Quay 9 April 2012 website
Walks using Public Transport website
Tarka Trail - Walks using Public Transport
South West Coastpath - Walks using Public Transport
Two Moors Way - Walks using Public Transport
Exe Valley Way - Walks using Public Transport
West Devon Way - Walks using Public Transport
Dartmoor Way - Walks using Public Transport
Devon County Council Public Transport 
Journey Devon website
your guide to public transport
Journey Devon - Area Bus Timetable Booklets website
All of our Area Bus Times Booklets are available as online e-books!
The North Devon Ramblers website
The North Devon Ramblers are a group within the National Ramblers Association. The walks offered by our Group are varied in distance and varied in the days we walk on. We offer some evening walks in the Spring and Summer. Once a month we offer a "Nice & Easy" walk designed to be at a gentle pace and an introduction to walking with a Group. Some of our walks involve using public transport to enable a linear route to be followed.
Emergency Situation on a ramble? 
A few things that might help. website
Walking Britain website
.... Hartland Point Circular website
Way2Go4 Walking Holidays website
Guided & Self Guided Walking Holidays on the North Devon and Cornwall Border with the emphasis on having fun, our walking holidays are aimed at those who enjoy relaxed walking, stopping to take in new sights and find out about the surroundings.
Our guided walking holidays on the North Cornwall and Devon border website
It aims to get more people walking in their own communities, especially those who take little exercise or live in areas of poor health. The WHI website is for everyone with an interest in walking for health. It offers information, support and encouragement to complete beginners, existing walkers and health and leisure professionals.
Barnstaple Walking for Health website
Braunton website
Holsworthy Area Walk & Talk website
Ilfracombe Walking for Health website
Tiverton Walk & Talk website
Torridge Walk & Talk website
Walking the Two Moors Way website

In June 2013 we walked the Two Moors Way, the 117 mile Devon coast to coast walk.
As a keen walker from Devon, I was eager to undertake this as my first multi-day walking holiday to see more of the beautiful county I call home.
Watersmeet Walk Lynmouth 
A great walk up the River Lyn to Watersmeet then back through the woods on the Two Moors Way to Lynmouth